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How to Grow a Pest Control Business with SEO

The beauty of the pest control business is that no matter where you are located, there will always be pests. And because people hate pests, there will always be customers. Unfortunately, these facts aren’t lost on your competitors, and that’s the reason there are so many of them. This can make it challenging to outsmart the competition and capture the lion’s share of the market.

However, if you can optimize your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, you can leverage your authority and expertise in the industry to attract more customers at every stage of the customer journey.

Here’s how we helped Prairie Pest Control of Fargo, North Dakota hit the #1 ranking, double their customer invoices, and increase billing by $10,000 to $20,000 per month.


Key Results

1st Position on Google

Went from weak rankings to top position in 16 communities.

$10K-$20K More Per Month

Doubled the number of customer invoices in one year.

Went from 2 to 5 Employees

Had to hire 3 more employees due to the growth.

Our Marketing Strategy

Our client’s company was founded in 2017 when they started what seemed to be a pretty respectable SEO strategy. However, by 2019, they realized they needed help. Not surprisingly, their search rankings had plateaued on Google. Part of this was due to the negligence of their previous marketing company and a failure to address the geographical and buyer intent aspects of SEO.

Without geo considerations, our client was losing out in surrounding cities they were willing to service. Although they covered customers within a 60-mile radius of their business, it was a little further out than their SEO efforts were reaching. Adding to their issues, because buyer intent wasn’t being considered, the content on their site became not only stale but also missed the mark for answering specific queries.

Our SEO strategy addressed these issues using the following tactics:

City-Specific Web Pages

We set up specific city pages to reach their entire service area radius. Each page was designed to rank in that city, with unique content that included mention of the location as well as including locations in the URL structure, i.e.

Informational Content

We increased “know” content focused on the various pests and insects that our client treats including a unique page for each pest. The content was fact-based and helped establish authority to build SEO. We also leveraged YouTube, expanding content to include informative videos optimized for their key areas of service. This is an important strategy as it can be easier to rank on a YouTube search than on Google.

Soliciting Reviews

Customers depend on reviews to guide them in finding the best services and products. We helped our client get more reviews on Google to help solidify their position on the Google Maps 3-Pack. This included leveraging some of the best free features of Google My Business:

  • Reviews to track and respond to reviews in real-time.
  • Followers to build a community of customers much like social media.
  • Messages to provide an easy way to connect and communicate with customers.

 These tactics worked together to propel our client to the top rankings for the most competitive keywords in their industry.

Our Results

Through our efforts, our clients were surprised how these little changes made such a big difference. Their new SEO strategy placed them as the #1 result for “pest control” and “exterminator” in Fargo and Detroit Lakes MN. They also earned top positions in most of the other communities they had targeted.

Here’s just a few of the results that they saw: 

  • Earned top positions on Google, Google Maps, and Bing
  • Doubled the number of customer invoices in one year
  • Consistently doing $10,000 to $20,000 in revenue more per month 
  • Went from 2 to 5 employees

Although these are the results we tend to see, there was one unexpected result: Reader’s Digest reached out to them and featured them in an online article for the Top Pest Control Companies in the United States. You can’t buy that kind of exposure.

Let our team show you how to promote your pest control business with an effective SEO strategy that gets you to the top of your local rankings and a marketing system that creates lifelong customers.

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